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Creating The IMDB Profile Page

Okay, as I mentioned last time getting into IMDB is pretty simple where it seems like people on the outside think it is such a big deal. So, as I implied I figured that I would create a profile for the heck of it just to show how straight forward it is. Now remember how I said that I initially did not bother to create a profile because I didn’t really think that I have done anything yet that would really push my acting career forward? While that is still the case so far, that made me try to think of a credit that I could list that is legitimate but at the same time won’t really do much.

So, as my credit I thought back to one time that I was on TV. Now I noticed that a lot of actors have credits listed for times when they were on say talk shows as guests. Now normally to get listed on IMDB there has to be a show or production that is already listed on the site. If not, you have to get it registered first. For myself, back in 2007 I was on a local TV station here called Breakfast Television as a guest for a tech topic. The segment was for about 5 minutes or so.

So, what I did was I looked up the production and sure enough it was there. The only tricky thing was that there is actually a Toronto and Vancouver division and so the hosts that are listed are a bit inaccurate. But, in general I just added myself and in a few days I got my own page as you can see here:

I could literally do the same for a lot of independent films that I have been in by registering them and similarly adding my name to it. But what does it really do? Similar for a credit like this, I think the only time people would really care is if you are already well established and therefore this is more like a fan thing where people can keep track of everything you have been on. I even notice that a lot of people list background appearances.

There was one thing interesting for me in doing this. It appears that there is another Alan Yu listed and so my profile is listed as the “II” Alan Yu. Now IMDB has these things called a “STARmeter” which I guess is some algorithm based on who’s name has been searched the most. I was looking at the stats for fun and it was kind of surprising to see how high the number jumped for the profile I just created as you can see here:

According to this, on September 6, 2009 I was ranked 2,182,452 and on September 13, 2009 I jumped to 135,557. That just got me thinking, was there actually that much people trying to search for me? Was interesting I thought. In the next few months I’ll probably update it as that independent feature film credit will most likely get listed as I consider that a big step in my growth thus far.

But all in all, this is just to show how getting listed doesn’t exactly make you some kind of authority where you should be chasing to get an IMDB credit I’d say.


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  • haha just did a blog on this – the importance of imdb…so similar. Thanks for the great info ill be following hope u will do the same!


  • Wow, what a coincidence of topics to post up. :mrgreen:

    Wanted to post a comment on your blog but there was no option for non registered people to post. But I thought it would be interesting to hear why exactly your friend’s instructor thought IMDB was so important and if there was any specific examples on how a new person used it to catapult their acting career.

  • I am still confused with how you “added” yourself? Do you have to register for imdb first? Do you have to have an imdbpro membership? How do you just add yourself?

  • help! It’s Aug 2012 and I don’t see up to date instructions on how to create an Actor’s imdb page. I’m already registered (I forgot) but how do I list film credits, upload a photo? It’s supposed to be free, but I get to pages that ask for $$.
    Save me!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • How much did it cost to add your photo? Or do they let you have one photo for free?
    Now there are 3 Alan Yu on imdb.
    Maybe you should add those independent films that you worked on because everyone else seems to be adding them.
    I don’t know if it’s that important but it does make it easier for directors or casting to see what you have done.

    I almost have as much credits as you but you will have ten times more once you add all your credits. Keep up the great work!

  • You need to first find the movie or show you are in and then click on the “edit page” icon. From there you should be able to create your actor profile.

  • Rank isn’t created by fans it’s shows your rank as a working actor among other actors. If you havn’t broke out in the industry yet, and nowbody really knows who you are it doesn’t mean your rank won’t go up because their are lots of working actors nobody ever heard of or ever will hear of because they are only doing it for the money and some are merely simultanously working as crew which is sappossed to be somewhat illegal in the industry. However, if you have actuall talent you will eventually break out and get into the top 5000 and if countinue steady work and get countinues work you will rank in the top 500! Some are in the top 5000 nobody has ever heard of too because they don’t get futher lucky breaks because they don’t have actuall talent so keep that in mind.

  • Based on my own observation and research you seem misinformed about IMDB rankings Andrew. It has nothing to do with say fellow industry peers knowing the person or people’s skill level over others. It’s simply a technical website algorithm based on things like views. Of course a person would get looked up more if they are famous, but your actual film roles and credibility per se has very little to do with the rankings in a technical sense from what I have seen.