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Oh Geez What A Surprising Read

While working on set today I was told about a person I knew who apparently landed a role on Stargate Universe as a result of fans creating a campaign of sort to keep a character alive. Upon further research I found a blog post at which described all about it.

Wow. lol. I have worked with Bill a couple of times mostly on other sets when it came to background work. I have seen him twice I think on Stargate Universe where we were in different scenes. Reading this story was pretty amazing. I was happy to see too that an Asian actually got this opportunity as there is usually very little for people in this category compared to others.

He had a pretty interesting take on why there are so little Asians in the film industry too. Either way, it was pleasant news to hear. The title he has been dubbed with is just so strange though. lol.

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  • I know Bill from BG work. I was about extras being upgraded to actor with you not too long ago. I think Bill told me he got upgraded to actor the very first time he did extra work!