Thoughts and Actor Life

Self Employed Mentality

One interesting I have always found with a lot of actors is that they don’t view their profession just like any other entrepreneur in a different industry. Instead, they treat it more like an employee mentality where they go to a job and get paid to do work.

However, like an entrepreneur you have to promote yourself and have business expenses to pay. With that comes benefits too such as write offs. For example, the headshots that you get can be a write off towards your income or even travel expenses such as a vehicle you use to get to point A to point B. Heck, some actors even “incorporate” themselves when they find that they start to earn too much money.

Of course you should read up on the tax laws in your area, but starting to treat your profession as if you were a business person can be beneficial both in trying to land roles as well as helping yourself out financially when it comes to working in this industry.

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