Simply Being Prepared When An Opportunity Presents Itself

I have often read and been told that in this industry there is no such thing as one path and that you simply have to be ready for any opportunity that comes your way at any time. I guess I have kind of experienced this myself recently.

Recently I thought it would be interesting to do some voice overs in an effort to get some more experience for it. I have taken some training before as well and the first thought was that maybe I should learn some more before trying to seriously find a nice project to work on. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really able to find any schools here that matched the criteria and schedule I was looking for.

Instead, recently I saw a casting notice for an audio book and it seemed like there were a lot of parts. It required the talent to record a quick voice sample where the casting would then evaluate who they wanted. Not being too super confident about it I decided to read for a one liner.

To my surprise, the director e-mailed me back asking if I would consider reading for a bigger role instead. Of course I went for it. In the end I didn’t get the lead role but ended up getting a main character role. What was most interesting to me about this whole experience was how it was mentioned a large majority of applicants didn’t get pass the screening phase based solely on the fact that their microphone was bad. For example, people using web camera microphones or the ones on their phone. Fortunately for myself I happen to use a fairly good one.

It definitely made me think where in like this case it didn’t really have anything to do with my resume, who I knew or the level of professional training. It was more about just being adequately prepared to do the work.

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  • Loved this post… really exemplifies how especially in this industry, there are so many options open to you. Even though I’m still in school, I can already see that pursuing a career in acting is such a broad category, and often times, you should be open to other ideas and opportunities.