Acting Skills and Training

Brief Acting Background And History

As a teenager I always thought I would go into something tech oriented and I was a fairly quiet person. During high school though, for one reason or another the school’s theatre program instructor really pushed me to take the theatre acting program. I personally thought he was crazy too considering I always got nervous whenever trying to speak to a large group of people.

I then learned later on that a big reason for wanting me to go into the program was that the instructor wanted to break a stereotype that Asians were too quiet and could not succeed in the program. As a point of note the school had one of the best theatre programs with an ample amount of awards and recognition to back it up.

Long story short, I eventually did decide to dedicate myself to the program throughout my high school life and accomplished a lot including winning recognition in provincial competitions. It really did change me a lot as well for the better such as giving me the confidence to do public speaking with ease.

At first I took an intensive acting theatre workshop since my training has primarily been in theatre. Eventually, I decided that I needed to learn about film acting specifically and so I enrolled into a full time film acting program. After completing the program, I was ready to start my journey in trying to make a career as an actor. However, something came up shortly after, which I can probably write a script for one day, as it involves a lot of things that halted my ambition.

Despite these setbacks, I decided to go ahead anyways with my ambition as the longer I wait the more time I am wasting I’d say. So let’s see where this journey takes me. Fortunately with my tech background, running this blog is easy for me and maybe I’ll get to meet some great people along the way.

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