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So Many Acting Stories To Share But Don’t Know How

So many great things has happened for me this year. Everything from acting roles that tested my physical limitations to getting to work on films that I am actually a big fan of like many of you. Unfortunately, there is a problem with all of this when it comes to making blog posts and such. As much as I would love to share with you behind the scene photos and all where you can join the experience with me, most productions nowadays have some very harsh terms about sharing information on social media now.

When I first started writing on this blog showing behind the scene photos was a great way to show even regular people what it is really like to be an actor. This was before productions made us sign these encyclopedia long non-disclosure agreements. So I am having a hard time figuring out how I can show you people more. At the moment I do sometimes tweet stuff way after the production has been released. But as you may notice, it usually has a lot of information pertaining to other aspects of my professional life besides just acting.

I am open to suggestions though as I know the experiences I go through is probably what another artist needs out there to help them figure out what the best next step is.

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