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Those Dubious Audition And Casting Notices

While browsing thorough Craigslist today I saw this listing advertising about a feature film that was looking for actors with about a $400/day pay. I knew straight up that these postings are usually dubious and so I figured that I would request for more information using a spam e-mail address to show others what it is like.

Essentially, it starts off with a posting that sounds interesting as it is made out to sound like a very good opportunity on a big film. The usual dead give away for me is that if this film is shot by a big studio and all, what are the odds that the production just suddenly decided to not use casting directors to find actors?

So here is the e-mail that I received:

Actors Club Spam e-mail

Casting Info for ‘COLD CASE’ TV Show———- Re: CASTING CALL—-Actors Wanted for Drama T.V. Series

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the show “Cold Case”!
We have received your email and we’re now getting back to you.

This major series from CBS is now casting many roles for the end of November.

Check out the link below for more specifics about the casting call.

The show is seeking a range of types and ethnicities.

Good luck.

Geoff Moulton

Then, when you enter the site you usually get this primitive looking web page as you can see here:

Fake Cold Case Audition

If for some reason you are still excited, you then click on the submit info and guess what? Turns out you need to pay a fee to learn about the casting calls and submission info. In this case, it costs just “$9.95”

Actors Club Spam Membership Fee

Again, you have to always look out for yourself in this industry as everyone wants to find a way to take money from you during times where you think that this will be your big opportunity.


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  • I am interested in any casting call. I would like more information on how to apply or to whom I may speak with.

  • Thanks for the heads-up. I did play a extra in “Cold Soldier off the craigslist. It was interesting so was trying to do it again. Thanks

  • 😐
    I’m really interested in seeing what happens next, but I’m not brave enough to give them my credit card number.

  • 😯 ok so i keep getting text on my phone at 3am about all their casting calls. are they real? how do i audtion for them? and if they are not real how do i get them to stop texting me at 3 am??

  • ❗ The responses posted here are just unbelievable to me. The article is explaining in clear, specific detail that this is a scam and you are still asking how to sign up and want to audition for them! No wonder so many scammers stay in business… there are people just begging to be ripped off!